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Challenge L
4x150mhz, 512 mb, 4gb, CD-Rom, Irix 6.2 installed, 1/4" Tape
$1995.00 US
Challenge XL
8 x R10000 195mhz, 2 Gigabyte Memory, 8x4gb Disks, CD-Rom, Irix 6.2 installed, 1/4" Tape
CPU Options
030-0249-0xx IP19 Dual-100mhz 1mb SC 5V
030-0250-0xx IP19 Quad-100mhz 1mb SC 5V
030-0374-xxx IP19 Dual-150mhz 1mb SC 3V
030-0375-xxx IP19 Quad-150mhz 1mb SC 3V
030-0375-xxx IP19 Quad-150mhz 1mb SC 3V
030-0525-xxx IP19 Single 150mhz 1mb SC 3V
030-0642-xxx IP19 Single 100mhz 1mb SC 5V
030-0652-xxx IP19 Dual-200mhz 4mb SC 3V
030-0653-xxx IP19 Quad-200mhz 4mb SC 3V
030-0720-xxx IP19 Single 200mhz 1mb SC 3V
030-0804-xxx IP19 Quad-250mhz 4mb SC 3V
030-0805-xxx IP19 Dual-250mhz 4mb SC 3V
030-0806-xxx IP19 Single 250mhz 1mb SC 3V
030-0625-xxx IP21 Dual-75mhz
030-0636-xxx IP21 Single 150mhz
030-1072-xxx IP25 Quad 195mhz
030-0815-002 IO4 W/ F2 AND F3
030-0377-010 IO4
030-0646-107 IO4
030-0614-006, 030-0614-106 MC3
013-1616-004 100baseT for Challenge VME
013-0479-001 Token Ring (Ethernet)
030-0242-006 MEZ S1
030-0244-005 MEZF
030-0527-508 MEZ SCIP
013-0964-003 FDDI-MEZ
030-0500-20x VCAM
030-0501-00x MEZF Short
030-0502-20x Remote VCAM
013-1592-001 Power Supply
ASK.. Challenge Vault L - with 8 x 4GB Disks
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