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  • Indigo R3000 33mhz, LG1 Graphics, 64mb Memory, 1gb Disk, Irix 5.3 installed, Keyboard & mouse not included.
  • Check for availablity.

    CPU Options
    030-8118-001 R3000 33mhz Processor/motherboard (HP1)
    030-8044-00x R3000 33mhz Processor/motherboard (HP1)
    030-8096-00x R4000 Processor board w/out Processor module (HP2)
    030-8097-002 100MHz R4000 Processor module w/1MB Secondary Cache (PM2)
    030-8097-003 100MHz R4000 Processor (PM1)
    030-8116-004 R4400 150mhz CPU (HP2/PM2)
    Graphic Options
    030-8077-003 8-Bit “Song and Dance” Graphics Board (LG2)
    034-8077-004 8-Bit Graphics Board (LG1)
    030-8058-006 GR2 4GE7
    030-8122-001 GR2 with 2 GE
    030-8117-00x GR2 with 1 GE
    030-8060-001 Z-Buffer Board (ZB4)
    030-8093-002 Video Buffer Board (VB1.1)
    9430810 R3000 Power Supply
    9430812 R4000/R4400 Power Supply
    030-8050-002 Indigo Backplane. (VME Connectors for CPU board, and SCSI connectors for drives.)
    050-8000-001 Black Drive Sled
    013-2037-001 Original SGI External Floppy Drive
    9500801 Indigo Keyboard
    9150800 or 041-0145-001 (Check for availability) Indigo Mouse
    030-8042-002 2MB Modules for Indigo R3000 (8mb Kit)
    030-8072-002 4MB Modules for Indigo R3000 (16mb Kit)
    04-1051-002 8MB Modules for Indigo R3000 (32mb Kit) // Kingston kits available
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