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Due to the extensive numbers of products available, this list is just a partial list of what we carry. Our Inventory is constantly changing in content and pricing.

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Octane R12000 300mhz, SSE Graphics, 256 mb Memory, 9gb Disk, Granite Keyboard & mouse, Irix 6.5 installed, 20" Color Monitor $ CALL or QUOTE
Octane R10000 250mhz, SI Graphics, 256 mb Memory, 9gb Disk, Granite Keyboard & mouse, Irix 6.5 installed, 20" Color Monitor $ CALL or QUOTE

CPU Options  
030-0888-004 R10000 195mhz 1mb Cache
030-0890-003 DUAL R10000 200mhz 1mb Cache
030-1138-002 R10000 175mhz 1mb Cache
030-1208-002 DUAL R10000 175mhz 1mb Cache
030-1271-002 DUAL R10000 225mhz 1mb Cache
030-1272-002 R10K 225mhz 1mb Cache-NL
030-1284-002 R10000 250mhz 1mb Cache
030-1286-002 DUAL R10000 250mhz 1mb Cache
030-1355-001 R12000 300mhz 2mb Cache
030-1356-001 DUAL R12000 300mhz 2mb Cache
030-1426-001 R10000 250mhz 2mb Cache REV3
030-1427-001 DUAL R10000 250mhz 2mb Cache R3.4
030-1432-001 R12000 270mhz 2mb Cache
030-1433-001 DUAL R12000 270mhz 2mb Cache
030-1475-00x 400mhz PM10
030-1476-001 400mhz PM20
030-1590-00x 360mhz PM10
030-1591-001 360mhz PM20
030-1591-002 360mhz PM20
030-1605-001 400mhz PM10 UPGRADE
030-1605-002 400mhz PM10 UPGRADE
030-1605-003 400mhz PM10 UPGRADE
Graphic Options  
030-0938-003 SI GRAPHICS GM10
030-0957-003 SSI GRAPHICS GM20
030-1240-003 SSE (ESSI) GRAPHICS MOT20
030-1241-002 SE (ESI) GRAPHICS MOT10
030-1277-002 SI/SSI Texture Module
030-1263-002 SE/SSE Texture Module
Note: MXI (or MXE) is an SSI (or SSE) with two texture memory boards installed.
030-1156-003 Octane Personal Video
SBCBA120 Octane Speakers (One Set)
030-1155-002 PCI ENET
9980984 Qlogic PCI Ultra SCSI Diff Adapter
9981028 Qlogic PCI Ultra SCSI-B Diff Adapter
030-0952-005 or 013-2304-001 PCI Card Cage for Octane
013-2114-001 XIO 4-PORT SCSI
030-0887-00x IP30 Motherboard
030-1467-001 IP30 Motherboard
Power Supplies  
060-0028-003 Power Supply MULTI OUTPUT OCTANE FE
060-0030-001 Power Supply 20WATTS 5-12V .5/. 3A FE
060-0035-003 Power Supply EASYRIDER 7OUTPUT
060-0038-001 Power Supply MULTI OUTPUT OCTANE
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